The Future of Video Media: Pay TV, Time-Shifted Commercials, VOD and TV Everywhere

By dissecting the video media platform into the new methods of delivery we can see major changes on the horizon. According to industry leaders web-based pay-TV is expected to roll out in2014. This service would benefit both viewers and providers, “The more people that want to pay us for our content through however they want to deliver it, that’s a good thing for CBS,” CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves stated when discussing virtual pay-TV.

With players on both the ad and broadcast side discussing time-shifted commercials and the accuracy of C3 ratings, there is constant chatter about moving to a C7 system. Though this change could potentially include more views advertisers are opposed to the change, making the argument that seven isn’t a magic number and it will continue to climb and that a change like this could mean fewer dollars in advertisers pockets.

Similar to pay-TV, video on demand is seen in the industry as a supplement to cable, actually driving cable viewership up of some programs, instead of replacing it. While some networks remain hesitant, this delivery method is expected to continue to grow over subsequent years.

Though pick up on TV Everywhere has been slow to the point, the industry remains committed, perhaps because of its measureable nature. Chase Carey, president, chief operating officer and director at 21st Century Fox believes, “the industry needs to put more energy into making TV Everywhere a simpler proposition that is easier to use and more accessible.”Image

2014 holds many opportunities for broadcasters and advertisers across every method of video delivery. If executed correctly these opportunities of could lead to advantageous changes for both viewers and providers.

Summer is here: time for swimwear & accessories

There’s a lot that goes into bringing your style along with you to the pool or beach. The most important elements to show your style eis you bathing suit (obviously), shoes, sunglasses, cover-up, and if you choose, a hat. Each of these items can express your personal style while you get your tan on. This summer season there is a wide array styles so here’s your chance to really go wild. Three cheers for summer and style!


Almost anything goes this summer when it comes to swimwear. You can rock that sexy black cut out one piece or keep it classic with a nautical bikini. Two other swimwear trends this summer are animal print and BRIGHT colors. Also feel free to mix and match you tops and bottoms, prints and solids look great together. If your feeling adventurous then this is your time to shine!



A cute pair of sandals can be the perfect accessory in the summer. Strut your stuff in a fabulous pair of wedges on your way to the pool or stroll down to the beach casually with some innocent light pink flip flops. There’s always the option of wearing some adorable flat sandals with rhinestones for some added glam!


Sunglasses are something that you should wear in your everyday life but are even more important when you’re lounging in the summer sun. Your choice is all up to you and your face shape. Everyone is different and you just have to try on a bunch of pairs till you find ones that fit your face. Some suggestions I have include aviators, big frames, or the ultimate shades, ray bans. Try checking out Marc Jacobs, its my favorite designer for glasses!


Cover-ups can be used as something to get yourself from the privacy of your home to your hang out spot with a little modesty or as a fashion statement. Ditch those tacky elastic terry cloth dresses and look for something chic or practical, like this cool Marilyn Monroe shirt-dress.


These are my favorite accessory when it comes to spending time in the sun. Hats can be super luxurious or simple. They add a dimension to your outfit that makes it look complete. A hat shows you are ready for the ultimate afternoon of summer relaxation.


Nail polish is one of my guilty pleasures/addictions! I’ve noticed some trends in this seasons nail polishes that are consistent with some of my favorites.

1. HOT pink. Brights are in this spring so make sure your nails match. The brighter the better!!

2. Another one of my favorites is the deep red that’s almost black. These colors have been popping up all over including on one of my favorite fashion inspirations Lauren Conrad.

3. The last trend important nail for this summer is GLITTER!!!! Glitter can add that extra “sparkle” to any outfit.

Nails are very important when it comes to style. They can be that extra push to make you a style idle to others. So be creative and have fun with your nails!

A cold front? Dress like an ice princess!!

This week in Austin has been frigid compared to the sweltering 90 degree weather that we’re used to! I put away most of my warm clothes for the winter to I have been having to make do with what I’ve got left. These spring and summer trends can be converted into flash cold spell outfits in a jiff. Take your favorite summer dress and pair it with some leggings, moccasin boots, and a cool jean jacket and you’ll be ready for those plunging temperatures.

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Seeing that it’s already the middle of spring it’s definitely time to make sure that your closet is full of items ready for the sun. The trends of the season range from the traditional spring florals to the 1970s crop top. 

Spring is a time to feel light and free, time for vacations to Mexico, Palm Springs, and South Beach. This seasons color palette includes daring bold colors including Honeysuckle, Coral Rose, Regatta, and Beeswax along with soft pastels like Blue Curacao, Lavender, and Silver Peony. 

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